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Stay Up to Date on the Camp Card Sale
What is the "Camp Card" Discount Sale?Welcome to our 5th year of Crossroads of America Council’s Camp Card sale!  This is the annual spring unit-level fundraiser for Scouts and Explorers.  Participating youth may use profits earned from this fundraiser to support any Scouting, STEM, or Exploring adventure on the horizon for 2018.  Quick, simple sale.  No prize program.  Cards ordered that are not sold may be returned for unit credit (see disclaimer on maximum return amount and deadline). Easy!
How does the 2018 card compare to 2017?
  • 18+ merchants on card (versus 8 merchants)
  • 14 repeat-use offers on back of card, 3 repeat-use keyring tags, and 3 one-time use offers
  • Retail price will be $10 per card (versus $5 per card)
  • Units earn $5/card sold (versus $2.50 per card)   *Commission is still 50%!
  • Two days to pick up your unit’s Camp Card order -- Feb. 26 & 27) (versus one day)
  • Units cannot return more than half of the total cards ordered to the council (versus no limit)
  • Brand new unit incentive prize drawing for all units that do not return any cards
  • Extended discount offer expiration dates (most offers will expire 3/1/2019) 

What merchants will be on the 2018 discount card?

Papa John’s Pizza          Sports Clips  
The Escape Room            Jiffy Lube
Discount Tire              McAlister’s Deli
Jack in the Box                    Hardee’s
     White Castle               Which Wich
Stacked Pickle          Tuchman Cleaners
DICK’S Sporting Goods              Rally’s 
Smoothie King                   Dunkin’ Donuts
Prime Car Wash

*Additional merchants may be added after the date this email was distributed.
**Discount offers will be open to the public closer to the sale dates.
Important Dates

January 17-February 9:  Unit Camp Card Coordinator orders cards online

February 26 & 27:  Card pick-up days (any time from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

March 1-April 13:  Sale dates

April 20:  Return unsold cards (in excellent condition) for unit credit

May 4:  Full payment due to council (for maximum commission of 50%)

Camp Card Ordering Information

Our council orders 100,000 Camp Cards each year!  Our card inventory has been maxed out during the sale the last two years. Each unit (Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Varsity team, Venturing crew, STEM Scouts lab, Reaching for Tomorrow group, Exploring post) must identify an adult (Unit Camp Card Coordinator) to coordinate the Camp Card sale. This is the adult that orders the unit’s cards, manages the inventory, motivates the Scouts to sell, tracks the distribution and collection of cards, and pays the bill on-time to the council.  The Unit Camp Card Coordinator is the only person for each unit that may place Camp Card orders. Other adults in the unit may help with ancillary functions (i.e. pick up the Camp Card order at the Scout Office, organize Scout packets, collect money from Scouts).

When your Unit Camp Card Coordinator places an order by February 9 at, please keep in mind that 53,000 ordered cards were returned to the council in 2017, and 56,000 were returned in 2016. These returned cards cannot be returned to our vendor. To make cards available to as many units as possible, initial orders are limited to 30 sets, or 750 cards. Additional cards might be available (after February 9) to units who have depleted their Initial order. If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will send an email to you (Unit Camp Card Coordinator).
Learn more about the Camp Card Sale
Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About Camp Cards?

Start with your District Camp Card Chair. This is your local volunteer "Camp Card expert" providing leadership for your entire district's camp card sale. This is also your council Camp Card representative.  If you can not reach your Camp Card Chair, please contact your District Executive.  If you are unable to reach either of your local camp card experts, then you may reach out to our Council Camp Card Support Coordinator, Crys Gilliatt by email or give her a call at 
(317) 813-7098.
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